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DNeasy mericon Food Kit

For extraction of high-quality DNA from raw or processed foods

  • Modified CTAB procedure ensures faster food sample processing
  • Efficient purification of even fragmented DNA from processed foods
  • No carryover of PCR inhibitors from complex food matrices
  • Protocols for highly processed foods

The DNeasy mericon Food Kit is designed to enable extraction of high-quality nucleic acids from a variety of raw and processed foods. The carryover of PCR inhibitors from these complex food matrices is minimized. The kit forms part of the comprehensive QIAGEN food testing portfolio, which also features assays for pathogen and GMO DNA detection and ingredient authentication.


Nunc 96-Well UV Microplate
Cat. No. Surface Well Design Color Total Vol., μL Sterile Lid No. Per Pack No. Per Case
8404 UV 96 F Clear 392 No No 10 40

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