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GelPilot DNA Molecular Weight Markers

For easy and accurate sizing of DNA fragments

The 8 ready-to-use GelPilot markers cover a wide range of fragment sizes guaranteeing an ideal format for every requirement. The DNA fragments in each marker are designed to be easy to remember for fast and accurate DNA sizing. In addition, each marker contains multiple standard bands of 50 ng and a single intensive band of 100 ng, facilitating DNA quantification and making it simple to determine the DNA size. The unique ready-to-load buffer contains 3 tracking dyes (xylene cyanol, bromophenol blue, and orange G) to facilitate the optimization of agarose gel run time.


Nunc 96-Well UV Microplate
Cat. No. Surface Well Design Color Total Vol., μL Sterile Lid No. Per Pack No. Per Case
8404 UV 96 F Clear 392 No No 10 40

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