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REPLI-g Mini Kit

For highly uniform whole genome amplification from small or precious samples

  • Easy amplification with consistent yields of up to 10 µg
  • Unbiased amplification of genomic loci
  • Reliable results due to Multiple Displacement Amplification (MDA)
  • Amplified DNA highly suitable for most downstream applications
  • No risk of DNA degradation during long-term storage

The REPLI-g Mini Kit provides optimized reagents for whole genome amplification (WGA) from small samples using innovative Multiple Displacement Amplification (MDA) technology. The typical DNA yield of a 50 μl reaction is  up to 10 μg, with an average product length greater than 10 kb (ranging between 2 kb and 100 kb). Unique REPLI-g technology delivers highly uniform WGA from a variety of small or precious sample types, including purified genomic DNA, or directly from fresh or dried blood, buccal swabs, fresh or frozen tissue, and cells. This simple and reliable method is capable of accurate and unbiased amplification of genomes and generates DNA that can be applied without further purification or quantification for downstream applications that do not require labeling. In contrast to PCR-based WGA technologies, high fidelity rates are increased up to 1000-fold, avoiding costly false positive or negative results.


Nunc 96-Well UV Microplate
Cat. No. Surface Well Design Color Total Vol., μL Sterile Lid No. Per Pack No. Per Case
8404 UV 96 F Clear 392 No No 10 40

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