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Trac Series


  • Rugged, Proven XYZ Chassis

    For in-house 'DIY' automation groups, complete with GLP compliance capable software.

  • Features

    • -Building Robots to Accomplish Your In-House Applications
    • -Reduce Exposure, Reduce Waste, Standardize Sample Handling
    • -Be 'Audit-Ready' with Robotic Machine Software Tracking
    • -GLP or 21CFR11 Compliance? Built-in Capability

    Key Functions

    • -Cap/Uncap/Re-Cap
    • -Tare & Weigh
    • -Aspirate/Dilute/Transfer
    • -Gravimetric Confirmation
    • -Combine Fractions
    • -Reconstitute
    • -Distribute to MicroPlates
    • -Barcode Read & Verify
    • -Vortex Mix
    • -Calculate Yields
    • -Sort & Cherry-Pick
    • -Serial Dilutions
    • -Report to LIMS
    • -Custom Functions
    • -Barcode Label
    • -Sonicate/Macerate



    Dimensions: W x D x H: 121cm x 54 cm x 104cm (48" x 21" x 41")

    Space Requirements: W x D x H: 215 cm x 90 cm x 122 cm (84" x 36" x 48")

    Weight 45 kg (100 lbs)

    Power 100 - 240 VAC, 10A, 50/60 Hz

    Air 4 bar (60 psi) / Vacuum 380 mm Hg (15" Hg)

    Operating Temperature 14-35C

    Humidity 30-85%


Trac SeriesTrac 堅固可靠的XYZ軸平台「DIY」自動化區塊,配備具有GLP合規能力的軟件。

尺寸:寬 x 深 x 高:121 cm x 54 cm x 104 cm(48 “ x 21 “ x 41 “)

空間需求:寬 x 深 x 高:215 cm x 90 cm x 122 cm(84 “ x 36 “ x 48 “)

重量:45 kg(100 lbs)

電源:100 - 240 VAC,10A,50/60 Hz

氣體壓力:4 巴(60 psi)/ 真空:380 mm Hg(15" Hg)




  • Robotic Extraction Stations

    Sample Handling Uniformity and precise quantitation are ensured by automating the precise time each sample is exposed to extraction solvent, with programmable concentrations and sampling/end points.

  • Identification of Analytes in any of these assays is relatively simple but accurate quantification requires stringent adherence to timed exposure to extraction solvent, and accurate/documented measurement of sample mass.

  • Rigorously Timed Solvent Extractions for Analysis of:

    • -Inhalables/Tars/PAH's from Cigarette Filters
    • -Pesticides/Herbicides in raw Tobacco
    • -Coatings/Flavorings/Adulterants in treated Tobacco

  • Key Functions

    • -Easy to Use - Proven Technologies
    • -Use for Filters, Raw Tobacco and Treated Tobacco
    • -Walkaway Operation - Overnight or the Whole Weekend - You Choose!
    • -All Timings Precise and Recorded - All Volumes Precise and Recorded
    • -'Rotary Tumble' Mixing with your Chocie of Extraction Solvent
    • -Total Control of Methodology Powered by SiriusSlate PDA Technologies
    • -Standard GC Sample Vials - No Manual Transfers Required
    • -'Right On Time' Approach .... No Need to Wait, No Need to be Late, Ever!



    Dimensions: W x D x H:121 cm x 54 cm x 104 cm (48" x 21" x 41")

    Space Requirements: W x D x H: 215 cm x 90 cm x 122 cm (84" x 36" x 48")

    Weight 88 kg (194 lbs)

  • Power 100 - 240 VAC, 10A, 50/60 Hz









-所有體積都精確記錄-旋轉滾動混合,可選擇提取溶劑-由SiriusSlate PDA技術提供的方法學的總控制



    規格:尺寸:寬x深x高:121 cm x 54 cm x 104 cm(48”x 21”x 41”)

    空間需求:寬x深x高:215 cm x 90 cmx 122 cm(8l”x 36”x 48”)

    重量:88公斤(194 lbs)

    電源:100-240 VAC,10A,50/60 Hz


    • Weighing Robot

      Sirius GraviTrac® Weighing Robot with OMNI technology delivers fast and accurate weighing of labware ranging from minitubes to large containers i.e. 500mL Nalgene bottles. This robot also supports barcode-based or position-based labware sorting / cherry-picking.

    • Features

      • -The Auto-Sampler to Your Analytical Balances
      • -Fast (~10 secs roundtrip/piece)
      • -Capping/UnCapping Options
      • -Improves Data Quality with Process Consistency and Electronic Auditable
      •  History
      • -Reliable Walkaway Operation
      • -Best Use of Valuable Headcount

      Key Functions

      • -0.1mg or 0.01mg Accuracy Weighing (Tare/Gross/Replicate Weights)
      • -High-Speed Barcode Scanning with Rotating Gripper and Wingman® Scanner
      • -2D Matrix Barcode Reading for MiniTubes
      • -Barcode-Based or Position-Based Sorting
      • -Capping/UnCapping
      • -Email Notifications (Start/Stop/Etc.)
      • -Seamless LIMS Integration
      • -Optional ToolSwap® Finger Changer to Handle Multiple Labware Types



      Dimensions: W x D x H: 121 cm x 54 cm x 104 cm (48" x 21" x 41")

      Space Requirements: W x D x H: 215 cm x 90 cm x 122 cm (84" x 36" x 48")

      Weight 50kg (110lbs)



    Sirius GraviTrac®稱重機器人搭載OMNI技術,能夠快速準確地稱重實驗室器皿,範圍從微型管到大型容器,例如500毫升的Nalgene瓶子。該機器人還支持基於條碼或位置的實驗室器皿排序/挑選。












    規格尺寸:21 cm x 54 cm x 104 cm(48” x 21” x 41”),

    重量:50kg(110 lbs)

    Portable Pipet-Aid® XP2 Pipette Controller

    The Evolution of Xcellence Continues

    • - New Ergonomic Design–The most comfortable pipettor you ever laid a hand on
    • - Three-speed settings provide more precise control for use in the pipette filler mode and the pipette dispenser mode
    • - New Power Source for Uninterrupted Extended Operation–Can be charged while in use
    • - New Ultra Quiet Precision Pump–Great control for aspiration or dispensing


    Size: 5.5˝
    Weight: 7.2 oz.
    Capacity: Accepts 1 to 100 mL pipets
    Battery: Ni-MH (3.6V/700 mAh)

    型號: DM4-040-501-NC

        Pipet-Aid® Hood Mate® Pipette Controller


        • - Longer 6´ coiled hose
        • - Extremely lightweight (4.3 oz.) handle provides nine fill and empty speed settings and proportional fingertip control
        • - Never needs recharging–handle holder incorporates “auto-off” feature
        • - Energy saving “auto-off” feature automatically shuts unit off after 3 minutes of nonuse
        • - Compact, convenient, and won’t walk away. Dedicated pump housing attaches to hood wall which saves space and prevents spills
        • - Coiled vacuum/pressure line entering handle from the top prevents accidental knocking over of bench items
        • - Three-speed settings provide more precise control for use in the pipet filler mode and the pipet dispenser mode


        型號: DM4-000-300

                QuantiNova Probe PCR Kit

                For highly sensitive, specific, and ultrafast, probe-based real-time PCR


                Avoid the deleterious effects of mispriming at lower temperatures with the QuantiNova Probe PCR Kit. Based on a novel, antibody-mediated, hot-start mechanism, the kit enhances the specificity and efficiency of probe-based real-time PCR to provide accurate, singleplex or duplex, cDNA or gDNA analysis on various real-time PCR cyclers. The added convenience of extreme stability for up to 100 hours at room temperature, without a need for any cooling agent, makes it ideal for handling of high-throughput samples and automated workflows. An in-built tracking system for visual identification of correct pipetting gives you absolute peace of mind while the extreme sensitivity for even low target amounts ensures reliable qPCR results every time.


                • - Accurate detection of rare targets down to one copy
                • - Duplex capability for more results per reaction
                • - Reaction stability of up to 100 hours at 30°C for flexible workflows
                • - Visual indication of correct pipetting resulting in fewer pipetting errors
                • - High specificity for better results
                • - Increased throughput due to ultrafast cycling

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